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PRC Government blocks Twitter

Two days before the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen incident, the government of the Peoples’ Republic of China has cut off access to Twitter and Hotmail. This is certainly not only a a measure to make people save bandwidth…

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New Nuclear Test in North-Korea

More than two and a half years after North-Koreas first Nuclear Test, the totalitarian Regime carried out a second one last night. According to an official communique by the government, the latest detonation was stronger than the one before and been a part of “measures to enhance the Republic’s self-defensive nuclear deterrent in all directions”.

While Pyongyang once again again gains international attention for this “grave challenge” to international non-proliferation efforts, Russian secretary-of-state Sergej Lawrow announced a UN Security Council meeting for this evening to discuss possible international reactions. (Via BBC News)

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Former South-Korean President commits suicide

Roh Moo-Hyun

Roh Moo-Hyun

Roh Moo-Hyun, wo had been president of the Republic of Korea until he was succeeded by Lee Myung-Bak in 2008, jumped off a mountain this morning. He had been involved in a corruption scandal towards the end of his presidency and had been accused of corruption because his wife and daughter had received funds from a shoe manufacturer. Roh had been in a 13-hour-long police questioning in April, which he was deeply ashamed of, according to a suicide note he wrote to his family. He died today after having been taken to a hospital with severe head injuries. (via SZ).

News from North Korea…again

Seems like the regime wants to catch our attention in all possible areas:
South Korea’s soccer team – which would otherwise have been way inferior – could only save their 1-0 victory by poisoning North Korea’s Players before Kick-off. And, to put it bluntly, North Korea was my predicted 2010 world champion until now.
Oh these Koreans…
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North Korea: Threat or non-starter?

Now what do we say about the new missile test? Wouldn’t it have been a good idea to wait until it was clear to be a successful start? Or do they perhaps even want us (or the U.S.) to think they can’t be a threat? That would be rather unwise, wouldn’t it?


Photo: Institute for Science und International Security