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NetNewsWire for iPhone

What had been so great – if anything – about NeNewsWire for iPhone was that it was able to sync the status of your feeds with the desktop application. This means that if you’ve already read an article on your Mac and then left your computer to…say…meet some friends and then checked again, the built-in NewsGator account support would show you the articles you’ve already read so you could continue with the next unread.

A few weeks ago, a new version of NetNewsWire for Mac was pushed out, discontinuing the company’s own synchronization service and switching to Google Reader Sync.

For me, this was the beginning of a major problem. First, the new NetNewsWire had no Clippings any more (which I tend to use quite often). Second, I somehow had to rearrange my Feed groups because I had never used Google Reader before. But these “issues” were fixed soon after the first update.

Now another Problem emerged. Regarding what was called the only feature of NetNewsWire for iPhone that (besides its name) made it look like belonging to its Big Brother on the Mac, namely the ability to sync with NewsGator, has been kind of removed because NetNewsWire on the Mac now syncs with Google. And for three weeks now, the iPhone Version still lacks an Update which includes Google Reader Sync, making the App show thousands of unread Feeds though I’ve already read them on my Mac and though making it nearly useless.

So, NewsGator, if it was really necessary to switch over to Google Reader Sync, please make NetNewsWire for iPhone do the same.

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