Monthly Archives: July 2009

Testing WordPress for iPhone

WordPress for iPhone is an interesting App that lets you publish Blog Posts from everywhere in the world using your iPhone.

It supports landscape mode which I think is very important because blogging in portrait mode is even more uncomfortable.

With WordPress for iPhone you can create drafts, publish and update them later. It supports multiple accounts if you need access to more than one blog – no matter if they are hosted by wordpress or yourself. All you need is the URL and your username and password.

It’s the right tool for you if you just have to share some thoughts which you can’t shorten into less than 140 characters to fit into a Tweet. You need to be good at typing on your iPhone, anyway so I’d recommend to wait until you have your computer near you and use its full-size keyboard if you need some more words to say what you want to say.

Since I don’t consider myself to be one of the fastest iPhone-typers in the world, I declare this the end of today’s post because my hands are aching -_-

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