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iPhone 3.0 is way ahead…even of itself

So Apple has begun seeding the new version of its mobile OS, 3.0, last week. Great that is. A day later, the iPhone Dev-Team released its Jailbreak Tools for 3.0 and last night even the new Unlock came out.

After a day of looking around for the best Twitter App to shorten a URL which I copied in Safari, I found out that neither Tweetie nor Twitterfon nor Birdhouse are capable of shortening a URL after having pasted it into a new Tweet.

‘Twasking’ for help delivered only one advice: Use free Twitteriffic for that.

Well, no.

How come you have to feel such geeky because of testing a bunch of Twitter-Clients until you find the one that fits you most, just to realize that it won’t be updated for weeks after the new OS release to finally support its new features? I don’t want to blame anyone, may the reason be the developer of the Twitter-App or Apple’s App-Approval Policy. I just wanted to say: sometimes an innovation is even more ahead if its competitors than, you know, the ads.

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PRC Government blocks Twitter

Two days before the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen incident, the government of the Peoples’ Republic of China has cut off access to Twitter and Hotmail. This is certainly not only a a measure to make people save bandwidth…

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